Quetico Park Fishing Licenses and Regulations

Quetico Park Fishing Licenses and Regulations

NOTE: Thinking of bringing your own supply of firewood on your Quetico Park trip? Please read this first.

New Quetico Fishing Regulations

  • Staring January 2007 Quetico went barbless and removed all organic bait (minnows, leeches, food items, ect).
  • Please pinch your barbs or purchase barbless hooks.  This helps to decrease injury to fish you catch and release.
  • Please use lure substitutes like rubber or biodegradable manufactured bait.  This will decrease the risk of introduced invasive species and diseases.

Anyone 18 years of age or older who chooses to fish in Quetico park is required to have a license.

For the purpose of obtaining a fishing licence, a resident is defined as a person whose primary residence is in Canada and who has lived in Canada for a period of at least six consecutive months during the 12 months immediately before applying for a licence.

Every resident is required to purchase a fishing license except: 1. Residents of Canada who are under 18 years of age or 65 years of age or older, and are in possession of their Birth Certificate. 2. Disabled Canadian residents, if they are eligible for and in possession of EITHER a Canadian National Institute for the Blind National Identity Card; OR an Ontario Ministry of Transportation disabled person parking permit.

Non-residents 18 years of age and over must purchase a fishing licence. Non-residents under 18 years of age may fish without a licence if accompanied by an adult who has a valid Ontario fishing licence. Any fish caught are part of the catch and possession limit of the adult who holds the licence. As another option, non-residents under 18 years may purchase a licence and any fish caught apply to the catch and possession limits of that licence. Non-residents 65 years of age or older are not exempt from licencing.

For non-resident groups of children (at least five people under the age of 18 years accompanied by a licenced adult) there is a special licence for members of an organized camp.

The fish that you catch and keep may be cleaned. However, please remember that fish taken from waterbodies where size limits are in effect must be readily measurable at all times, unless the fish are:
. Being prepared for immediate consumption
. Prepared at an overnight accommodation for storage
. Being transported on the water from a temporary overnight accommodation to your primary residence and you are not engaged in sport fishing or
. Being transported overland.

In addition, when packaging fish you must ensure that a Conservation Officer can determine:
. The number of fish you have and
. The species of fish that you have in your possession.

CBO has a complete list of detailed regulations and can help you with any questions you may have.

Quetico Park encourages people to purchase their fishing license ahead of time on-line at www.ontario.ca/outdoorscard. They may be purchased at the Ranger Station with VISA, MasterCard, or cash. Fees are in Canadian funds and rounded to the nearest dollar. Tax is addditional.Nonresident rates are:

*Outdoor card must be purchased with your license
Nonresident rates are:
Outdoor card: $10
Individual 1 yr. Sport: $80.00
Individual 1 yr. Conservation: $50.00
Individual 8-day Sport: $51.00
Individual 8-day Conservation: $29.00

For Canada trips you may obtain a reduced license (approx. $4.00 each) if your group has a minimum of 5 youth under the age of 18 with a licensed adult. Call or write: Ministry of Natural Resources, Atikokan District Office, 108 Saturn Ave, Atikokan, Ontario Canada, POT 1CO, (807) 597-6971.

Fishing Licenses quoted were accurate as of April 25, 2014, but are subject to change without notice.

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